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Developing new skills and hobbies enhances creativity, improves problem-solving abilities, opens up new opportunities and increases self-confidence. We are inspired by a TED talk by Josh Kaufman who says we can learn any skill and be decent at it in the first 20 productive hours! At Witty dolphin, we do exactly that. We are here to help you learn your favourite hobby/skill,  5-times faster than the traditional methods. Our trainers are experienced in teaching students from different demographics. Our Teaching mothodology was featured in various media houses such as "TELANGANA TODAY", "CHAI BISKET" and "HUMANS OF HYDERABAD" and has shown results for thousands of happy learners across the globe! 

"A Jack of all altrades might be a master of none, but often times better than a master of one" -
We often misuse this quote, so here is the actual complete quote by Robert Greene(1591), The Jack here refers to Shakespeare, who was a jack of all trades!

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